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Every step of running business needs to reconsider circumspectly and think over legal uprightness. The first step is to set up company, share investment and specify administrative power. Rules, conditions and authority on behalf of company are very important as well as being cautious and obvious, especially the legal business agreements with the other parties.
We (Siam Legal and Taxation Co., Ltd.) have been providing the services of legal business management since our company was established. So you can be assured by our experience and proficiency in enactment. This is the reason why many big firms have confidence in our services and consent us to take care their business all along.
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Due to the fact that our business has to get involve with state agencies regarding some kinds of licenses or permits, depending on the chosen types of activity that the private agents need to do such as Foreign Business Operation, Business registration, E-Customs (Import & Export), Factory Setup, Concession, Foundation, Association, etc. In fact everyone knows that the procession of applying for each kind of license is very complicated as well as preparation of submitted documents. We can help you with our extensive experience of this task to save your time and reduce your expenses.  
There are many countries around the world give priority to Thailand in order to invest and do business continuously including individual foreigners who like to live and work in Thailand. So the legal procession of applying for work permit and visa are very necessary. Due to the procedure of document preparation to support the requirements, it might not be easy for the foreigners because of the differences in enactment and language.
The problems of applying visa, work permit and all kinds of license will not be complicated anymore because we have experienced teamwork to do these tasks for the foreigners who want to do their business or work in Thailand.

To tax is to enforce a financial charge or other levy upon an individual or legal existence by a state or the functional equivalent of a state, consist of direct tax or indirect tax. Taxes are also imposed by many sub national entities.

The knowledge and understanding about taxes are very needful. If you or your organization is unable to plan on tax management then you will face a big problem. But your problem can be solved continuously by our experienced teamwork. As the only thing you need to do is to make contact with us.


Taxation Service...
The problems of disagreement or dispute can arise anytime in our society or community between people, organization, private sectors, state sectors, etc. Sometimes it happens because people truly lack of understanding in subject matters.

So the idea of problem-solving is to get help from the experts who are very skilled at reconcilement. We are the one that you can trust and choose to manage your troubles.



Dispute Management...
Intellectual property is exclusive rights over creations of mind both artistic and commercial. The former is covered by copyright laws which protect creative works such as books, movies, music, paintings, photographs, and software and gives the copyright holder exclusive right to control reproduction or adaptation of creative works.
The formers of Thai enactment for intellectual property rights are covered by Act of Patent Right, Act of Trademark and Act of Copyright. 

In order to protect and manage to gain the utmost advantage of the intellectual property rights, the group of people who have experience and proficiency in above-mentioned enactment, can do these. So we would like to offer our experienced teamwork to protect your interests.


Intellectual Property...

The usefulness of law and process of judgment for involved people, who are facing some problems such as lawsuit, dispute, prosecution, etc, is very considered to make decision to work alone with the matters. The nature of each matter has to be connected with the varied legal entities and need the ones who are experienced in legal field to do the tasks.

So it is very significant to get the right group of professional teamwork who can make you feel confidence in their problem-solving methods. If you are facing a legal problem and looking for someone to assist you to find the best solution of it, our teamwork can be reliable.  



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Accounts are detailed records of all the money that a person or business receives and spends. So accountancy is the work of keeping financial accounts that is very important and necessary for business and organizations.
The advantages of accounting are to indicate objective plans and therefore the organizations need professional teamwork to oversee it. Then we are the one that you are looking for. 




An individual has to do with a lot of attention and thought regarding the real estate management of lands and buildings relating to conveyance, mortgage, purchase, sale, possession, blue print, investigation, heritage, etc.

The proceeding of above-mentioned works has to be involved with legal documents and state sectors. Sometimes the difficulties and disadvantages can be occurred by someone’s mistakes or being blind to the situation. If you need someone to help or manage with your property then our teamwork is your first choice that you choose to cope with your difficulties.


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Tax fraud and evasion through setting up of a non-juristic body of persons.
Beware of tax refund fraud through ATM and donations in various forms.
Deductions for insurance premiums.
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